Beverley Smit

About Beverley Smit

Beverley is a Group 3 rider, Trainer and Judge with a proven track record for buying quality foals and producing and riding them through the levels from Novice to Grand Prix level. 

She has been privileged to train with some of the world’s best trainers such as Michel and Mette Assouline, Emile Faurie, Leonie Marshall, Stephen Clarke, Arthur Kottas, Charles de Kunffy, Josef Haag, and now Carl Hester MBE.

Beverley started competing in dressage in 1987 gaining her first points with Joe Cool who subsequently retired with over 300 points. Competing with next horse, Byzantium, bought as a foal, took her to advanced level and Group 3 status. Byzantium won his first Advanced test at first attempt with 68.8% in 2000.

She is currently competing Wishing Well, who is trained to Grand Prix level, and Phenomenal, who is trained to PSG.  She has been competing Wishing Well ("Twiglet") at PSG level. At home, she is training Red Path Dittori ("Fankie" - who has points at medium level), Furst Fabio ("Fabio") who also has points, Wolke Wizard ("Wizard"), Rive Gauche ("Rive") who now has points and Royal Salute ("Roy") the youngest w has not been out yet. Beverley was recently invited to release Phenomenal to another country's Olympic team for the coming Olympics but declined. 

Beverley is a very patient, calm and sympathetic coach, helping others to fulfil their aspirations as well as striving to improve herself.     She believes that Training Takes Time and Patience and is a journey of self discovery for riders as well as horses.  (“The Rider shapes the Horse”).

As Erik Herbermann says[1] “Everyone has to learn at some time, there is no shame in that, and no one can learn without making mistakes.   Worthwhile things are seldom learned without experiencing some hardship.   Suffering on both the horse’s and rider’s part is noble when the mistakes are honest, and a continuous attempt is made to improve, especially on one’s virtues of patience and self control”.

[1] Dressage Formula, 2nd edition, J.A. Allen, London, p.6

Beverley's Gallery

Cranbourne Farm Copt Hall Rd, Cobham, Kent | 07721 519849